What is Smartphone Processer and their Types?

What is Smartphone Processer and their Types? 

Friends, Today we are going to know about the brain of mobile i.e. processor.

In today's article, we will know what is smartphone processor? which is the fastest processor in mobile phone? how many types of processor? 

What is Smartphone Processer and their Types?
What's Smartphone processor

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What is smartphone processor, definition of mobile processor or function of processor? 

Just as a person has a brain to control the entire body, similarly there is a processor to control the entire features of any smartphone, that is, we can say that the processor is the brain of any smartphone.

As soon as we start working like gaming video editing or multitasking in our smartphone, at the same time our smartphone sends signals to the processor to do the work after which all the work we do in the smartphone starts handling the processor.

How many types of smartphone processors? 

There are many types of processors like

What is Smartphone Processer and their Types?

1.Dual Core Processor
2.Quad Core Processor
3.Hexa Core Processor
4.Octa Core Processor
5.Deca Core Processor

Now you might be wondering, what is this core?

Let's know what is this Core ?

The core is actually a chip that is placed inside the processor. Whose work is to be calculated, and its power depends on Gigahertz (GHz).

What is Gigahertz?

You know that 1 GHz works 100 million times in 1 second. And earlier, one Gigahertz was considered the most powerful. But one GHz is nothing today.  If your phone is less than 2 GHz, then surely your phone will not be able to take much load.

#Now we come back to the core.

Whichever phone's processor will have more number of cores.  Will he be as powerful?  This means that the octa core will be more powerful than quad-core and quad-core compared to dual-core.

So this is how a processor works!

Now we will know How processors are made?

Many small transistors are used to make any processor. The smaller the size of these transistors, the more powerful the processor.

All these transistors are made using nanotechnology and are measured in nanometers. Whichever processor is smaller than a nanometer, the smartphone's processor will be as powerful.

Here you are shown the processors of some companies with nanometers. You will understand easily by looking at them.

Company NameProcessor NameSize
SamsungExynos14 Nanometer
QualcommSnapdragon16-20 Nanometer
MediatekMediatek 26 Nanometer
IPhoneA-series Bionic chip7 Nanometer (Better than All processor) 

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