What Are the Difference between Software and Hardware - inhindic

What Are the Difference between Software and Hardware - inhindic

Difference between Software and Hardware

For any type of electronics devices to work properly, two types of components in that device are extremely important. Software And Hardware

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Today we will know what are software and hardware, what are the differences between software and hardware.

What Are the Difference between Software and Hardware
What Are the Difference between Software and Hardware

Software And Hardware As I already told you that for any device to work, there must be two types of programs in it. If either one of these two is absent then the device belongs to none.

Let's go into detail Difference Between Software and Hardware.

What's Software?

Software is very easy to understand. Wo mechanical, electronic and legitimate parts in any device like our computer or android which we can only see. It cannot be touch, called Software.

Any device without software is like a dead person who has no life.  That is, if you understand the meaning of software directly, it is just like a soul.

Let us now understand in a little detail - how does software work?

All the applications that you see on the screen of your mobile phone or computer, such as media player, Photoshop, Windows, MS DOS, Android, Antivirus etc. It is all kind of software.

For example, if you want to watch or listen to a song video, then you use a media player which is a type of application software.

And if you have to operate / activate the hardware of your phone or computer.  Then you will need an operating system.  Which is a type of system software.

Operating system: -

 .  Android
 .  Linux
 .  Windows
 .  Unix
 .  Ios

That is, there are two types of software

 1. System Software
 2. Application Software

There are 4 types of System Software.

 .  Operating system
 .  Utilities
 .  Device driver
 .  Language Transformation

What's Hardware?

As I have already given you some examples like - we need some kind of "application software" to listen to songs or edit photos, but to listen to that music we need a speaker, a screen to edit photos and  Some buttons are required.  This speaker and screen is a type of hardware.

That is, we can touch and see the hardware.

The speaker, screen, battery, motherboard in your phone are all types of hardware.  And in the same way, computer, keyboard, mouse, monitor, hard disk processor, camera, memory are all hardware.

Difference Between Software and Hardware

Software can only be viewed. Hardware can be seen and touched
Software are created by programming. Hardware is made of plastic iron copper etc.
Software:- system software and application software. Hardware:- The type of hardware is mouse monitor CPU motherboard, Ram&Rom etc.

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