How to increase battery life on smartphone and charging tips?

How to increase battery life on smartphone and charging tips?

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Today's topic / article is, How to increase battery life on smartphone and charging tips?  Or Top 10 Tips To Extend Smartphone Battery Life.

The way food and drink are an important part of human life.  Similarly, in today's time, smart phones have also made their place among all these. And the main reason for this is the new and amazing features in every new coming smartphone.

How to increase battery life on smartphone and charging tips?
How to increase battery life on smartphone and charging tips?

People are being drawn towards smartphones. New features attract users, but often get into trouble due to the battery of these phones.

Most of the users are upset with the battery of their phone in the days to come and perhaps you must have encountered it sometimes, the battery life of your phone may have decreased. And in such a situation, you may have to take a new phone as well.

It is true that the battery life of the phone has to decrease every day. But if the battery life of the phone decreases before time, then it does not look good.

In today's article, we will learn about some such basic settings that will help you to increase the battery life of your phone.

So let's Start-

Top Ten Tips to Extend Battery Life on Smartphones.

1. Maintain attention to brightness.

This is the best way to save the battery of any phone. Be careful if you use excessively brightness! Use as little brightness as possible. By doing this, your phone battery will also be saved and there will be no problem in your eye.

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2. Avoid full charging.

What most users do is charge their phones 0% to 100% continuously. And always keep charging full. But doing so reduces your phone battery very soon. So never keep the phone charge below 40% and do not exceed 90%.

3. GPS or Location

Apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp and online video gaming use them repeatedly when the location is on.  Whereas it is needed while setting up that app. In such a situation, after opening that app, close the GPS location. You can always turn it off if you want. Because when the location is on, your phone keeps tracking you all the time, which costs your phone battery.

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4. Keep Wifi, Bluetooth and Hotspot off.

Just as the location consumes your battery recharge, similarly WiFi, Bluetooth and hotspots also keep the battery on while it is on without any work.

5. Switch to Dark Mode

Today's smartphones have already become more advanced. And in these, more settings are given about the display.  Which saves the battery from unnecessary expenses

There is also an option of dark mode.  Which is present in most smartphones. These dark modes help reduce battery energy usage. Which makes the battery last longer.

6. Keep Battery Saver on.

Battery saver, like the Dark Mode, is very helpful in increasing the battery life of the phone. This keeps apps running in the background and functions that are not necessary. Which saves a lot of battery. So always keep it on your phone.

7. Use your phone charger.

The phone's charger, yes it is a mistake that everyone makes.  Often people use another charger to charge their phone, which is highly inaccurate.  Your phone charger is made according to the capacity of that phone.

In such a situation, if we use another charger, then of course it will affect our phone battery.

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8. Do not charge from Laptop or Computre.

A charge made from a laptop or computer can neither last long nor is it right for the battery.  Because the laptop charger has a very bad effect on the battery.

9. Avoid Backgroud Apps.

Friends, everyone does it when our work is over. So we forget to remove the apps running in the background. As a result, even after the screen turns off, these apps continue to run in RAM and end the battery charge. So do not forget to refresh these apps after the work is over.

Note :- So friends, our article ends here today. And I sincerely hope that you will be completely satisfied with the information given by me in this article. If you see anything missing, then do let us know in the comment.  I will present it in your article with my best efforts.

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