What is Smartphone Sensor & Different types of Mobile sensor

What is Smartphone Sensor & Different types of Mobile sensor

Hey friends welcome, on my website today we are going to discuss what is a smartphone sensor & different types of mobile sensor.

We will know what is smartphone sensor?  How does it work?  And how many types of sensors are there in a smartphone.

So let's know what is a smart phone sensor?

What is Smartphone Sensor & Different types of Mobile sensor
What is smartphone sensor

If the sensor is understood in simple language, it will literally mean sense. Who properly forgives the events happening around you, gives full information about it.

What is the function of sensor?

The way a person can experience cold, heat and rain.  In the same way the sensor can also feel the position, speed, direction, pressure and temperature of an object.

By the way, the use of sensors has become very common in the modern era because sensors are used in most electronic things today which makes that device even smarter and easier for us.

In the same way, in the case of a smartphone, many types of sensors are present in a smartphone, whose work is done according to their time.  Such as Gyroscope during gaming, proximity during phone call and use of Magnetometer sensor during direction.

So let's know different types of mobile sensor.

 1. Proximity Sensor

 2. Accelerometer Sensor

 3. Gyroscope Sensor

 4. Magentometer Sensor

 5. Finger Sensor

 6. Barometer Sensor

 7. Thermometer Sensor

 8. Pedometer Sensor

 9. Ambient Light Sensor

1. Proximity Sensor

Suddenly someone's call comes while you are running the phone.  Now you receive the call and as soon as you take your phone to your ear, why is your phone display turned off?

This is actually due to proximity sensor present in your phone.  This sensor is turned on only when you take your phone to your ear while talking to someone.

The capacity of this sensor is 4 to 5 centimeters.

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2. Accelerometer Sensor

Actually Accelerometer Sensor works when you are watching video in your phone.  Now you are watching video in your phone.  And when you turn your phone to the other side.  Meaning when you hold your phone from the other side, then the video automatic playing in your phone rotates on that side?

This is because the accelerometer sensor in your phone measures the direction of your phone.  And he understands in which direction you have caught your phone.

Because of which the video or music automatic playing on your screen turns towards the same direction.

The gyro sensor also works like an accelerometer, but there is a slightly advanced type of sensor compared to the accelerometer sensor.  Which we will get to in the next topic.

3. Gyroscope Sensor

Let's first take an example to understand the gyroscope sensor, as you know, the most popular game of today is PUBG.  And using the gyroscope that is given in PUBG, you can play the game even better.

Actually, a gyroscope is a sensor that monitors even the lightest movement of your phone, ie it perfectly captures the angle of your phone, how many degrees your phone is tilted at and how many angles  Capturing everything, it presents your game to you accordingly.

4. Magentometer Sensor

The magnetometer sensor acts as a compass.  Some time ago, magnetometer sensors were not used in phones.  But it is used in most phones nowadays.

With the help of this sensor, you can easily find any direction anywhere.

6. Fingerprint sensor

When it comes to the security of the phone and there is no fingerprint in the phone, it will not be fun.  Ever wondered how this fingerprint works?  No no  So let's know about this as well.

Actually the fingerprint present in any mobile phone works only because of the fingerprint sensor present in that phone.  And fingerprint is given the most importance among all the secure options in your phone.  Because it can only be opened by the fingers of the person whose fingerprint is present in its sensor.

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7. Thermometer sensor

Whenever we play more games or spend more time on the internet, our phone starts heating up, at that time the thermometer sensor in our phone measures its temperature and it can monitor the temperature around you.

8. Pedometer Sensor

You go for a walk every day, but you have no idea how much you walked or how far you traveled.  In such a situation, you can find here how far you have covered by using the pedometer sensor present in your phone.  And at the same time or you can find out how many steps you have taken so far.

9. Ambient Light sensor

You must have seen the auto brightness feature in your phone, you will also know the use of it well.  But you know that this auto brightness feature is possible only with the help of ambient light sensor present in your phone.  Because of this, the auto brightness of your phone, which when you are in the dark, reduces the display of your phone and when you are in the light, it increases the display light of your phone more.

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Note:-  So friends, till now you have got almost good information about all the sensors in your phone, if you find something lacking in it, then you must tell us in the comment so that we can correct it soon and share it with your friends too.  Do and follow us too

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