What is Megapixel ?

What is Megapixel ?

In this article related to megapixels, we will know what is megapixel? How many megapixels is good for camera? What is megapixel of human eye?

 Friends, since the revolution in the technological era, the smartphone has also started laying its own net across the world. People are becoming crazy about smartphones. I don't think anyone can live without a smartphone in today's world. 

 Every day a new phone is being launched in the market, which is fully equipped with modern technology.

What is Megapixel ?
What is Megapixel

Good processors, RAM, ROM and high-megapixel cameras are also available in a cheap phone.

 In today's phones, most people only see the camera, how many megapixels is it? How is the image quality? How many cameras are there?

But I want to tell you or that the more megapixel camera in your phone, the bigger it is. So what would you say?

If you think that your camera is better than just megapixels, then you are wrong?

Have you ever thought? Why is the iphone camera better than any redmi, real me, oppo camera of 60 and 48 megapixels, despite being 12 megapixels?

Today I will tell you the answer to so many questions in very detail.

 So let's know

 what is megapixel?

Actually megapixels consist of many small pixels.  Pixel!  Yes, now the question must come in your mind that what are these pixels?

When you zoom in any of your photos, you will see that there are some small boxes in the square shape. 

What is Megapixel ?
Pixels image

These boxes are called pixels. This pixel is the smallest part of that photo.  And such small 10 Lakhs pixels together make a megapixel or 1 megapixel.

 1 Megapixel = 10 Lakhs or 1 Million Pixels
 2 Megapixel = 2 Million pixels
 12 Megapixel = 12 Million pixels

What is the function of pixels?

 When we take a photo, each pixel captures the light, its information, its color, contrast and details for that photo. After that, all these pixels join together and make a precise image of that thing and show it on your screen.

 Now you can understand that the more megapixels, the better detail you will get of any image.

 Now the question arises that if my phone is more megapixels, will it give the details of the image well? Maybe not, let us know why!

 How many megapixels is good for camera?

What is Megapixel?
What is Megapixel

To click a good image, it's not necessary that your phone has more megapixels. Because only the megapixel does not make the image better, besides the image sensor in your camera, pixel size also matters a lot.

 If the pixel size is large, it captures more detail.

Note: - Pixel size is measured in micron

Let us understand this with an example.

 Suppose you have two phones in which the camera of the first phone is 12 megapixels. And the size of the pixel in it is 1.2 microns. And the camera of the other phone is 20 megapixels. But its pixel size is 0.8 microns. Then the 12 megapixel camera can take good photos even with the 20 megapixel camera.

 What is image sensor? 

What is Megapixel?
Image sensor squar shape

An image sensor is the hardware, software of a phone which captures light and converts it into an image and also flows its pixel size.

 Importance of image sensor.

 If the image sensor size of two cameras of 20 megapixels and 12 megapixels is the same. Then there will be no significant difference in the image taken by both. Because the pixel size of the 20 megapixel camera will be small and the pixel size of the 12 megapixel camera will be large. Can you think it yourself?

 Example - Suppose you have two boxes and the size of both is same and both boxes can have 12-12 mangoes. But what if you want to keep 20 mangoes in a box? What do you have to do then? Obviously, you have to either increase the box or keep it of small size.

 What is megapixel of human Eye? 

What is Megapixel?

 Friends human eyes are 576 megapixels.

Note :-  In the information related to megapixels, we found out what is this megapixel? How many megapixels is good for camera? And what is megapixel of human eye? If you want any more information related to this, then you must tell us in the comment box as well as follow us and also share it with your friends.

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